Before you run for Office, it is important to really understand the role and life of an International Board member. The best way to understand that role is to gain perspective from the International Board member currently holding the office you desire. You will not be interviewed by the Board member, but instead will have the opportunity to gain insight and ask questions. You must complete this form immediately following your Gaining Perspective Call – if you do not, it will not be considered complete. If you are caucusing for more than one position, you must have a call for every position. 

The call to the current I-Board member must take place BEFORE January 11th @ 11:59 PM. Please email the I-Board member to schedule a time, here is their contact information.

Note that Ron and Rebecca are currently on their Global Winter Trip and their access and availability will be more limited than usual. Please be pro-active about scheduling calls with all members of the 93rd and 73rd International Boards, but especially your N'siah and Godol.